About Tomer

Hi, I’m Tomer Algrably and thanks for checking my site.

My name is Tomer Algrably and I’m a 30 year old internet marketer from Israel.

I got my start in business 6 years ago after dabbling in the stock market for a few years.
At the time I was really good at swing trading.

That basically meant holding the same stock for no more than two weeks..

But that kind of trading style was just too slow for me, I was averaging profits of 2%-5% a month.

With the amount of money I have it meant it would take me years to become financially independent.

At the time I also discovered a faster way.. and I was young and foolish to believe that I have struck a goldmine. And so I started gambling my money away with day trading..

After losing a loan of more than $10,000 I came to realize that day trading is not for everyone.

I was in a trading room with some successful people, but what worked for them didn’t really work for me.

I felt as though I had hit rock bottom, my world was shattered, I was in debt over $10,000 and it was the worst feeling I had ever felt, I couldn’t figure out how I was going to manage to pay back that loan.

I had visions of people coming to my place in the middle of the night to break my legs.
I imagined my friends and family would shun me and be disappointed in me.

I needed a way out fast.

I felt like I was drowning, everytime I thought about it, it felt like I had a raging fight going on in the pit of my stomach, I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t breath.

Have you ever felt that way? The only word that copmes to mind to describe how I felt is “Despair”.

I knew what it felt like to experience such a boding feeling of gloom and despair.

It felt like my life was over even before it had started…

And I remember that one night, still traumatized about the $10k loss, I was browsing the web and I stumble upon some blogs of people who said that they are making money from the internet.

I literally didn’t sleep the whole night consuming every piece of content I put my eyes on.

Two days later I launched my first facebook ads campaign which needed some tweaking..

But the fact remains – “I earned my first online commission!”

It was an amazing feeling, I was spending more money than I made back, but I knew I was on to something..

Few months later I started making a stable income online, and I was able to finally pay the loan back.

And short months later I was able to quit my day job and do the things I really want to do…

When I was still working at my day job I wanted to take 2 weeks vacation in Europe so I could follow my hobby which is snowboarding. But they insisted that it’s too long, so after I left I went on for an amazing three months in New Zealand! one month travelling and two months Snowboarding every single day!

It was soon enough that I understood that there is more to doing internet marketing than just it.. For me
its all about the lifestyle.

I can wake up in cool places, like that time I was living in 80th and Park in New York just next to Central Park.

Or the time I went on an Epic vacation with My girlfriend and sister in the island of Thailand!

But other than being so blessed with this great lifestyle, I love sharing my strategies and helping others
create an extraordinary life experiences..

So I opened this blog in order to share all of those cool tips and creating a new generation of internet marketers
that are focused on lifestyle and living their life with passion!

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