My First $1000 Day Online

first 1kI can still remember this day as if it was yesterday, I was driving in the car with my dad, my customer just told me that he wants to lock down a big deal, he asked me for my paypal once again and I gave it to him, and then in the same minute I made $900..

Few hours later another customer got a product for $165, and it was officially the first time I’ve ever made more than $1000 in one day;)

Life was awesome, I was on my way to the beach when I closed the first $900 morning sale – I closed it over my smartphone, and I can proudly say that it was one of the greatest moments of my life;) I told my father “You see! it works!!”.


My father never believed me that it’s possible to make money online, he is more of a brick and mortar kind of guy, he believe in what he can see, but I always knew that if you push yourself to the limits, it could happen.

Let’s look back on the sequence of what happened to bring me to that $900 + $165 day:

I was working on various projects at the time, having small SEO websites that converted only when they ranked in the top 10 of google, I was never making more than $3000 a month, and it still worked for me since I was traveling a lot, but I wasn’t pushing my limits enough.

The moment it really hit me that I should start doing more was when I saw that my friend had his first $10,000 month! I was so excited for him and obviously I was jealous, but in a good way.

We had a small mastermind on how did he think he made that $10,000 month, and came to conclusion that a few months earlier he started working really hard on his projects because he knew that he will be traveling heavily in the next few months, so he had to make enough to be able to NOT work at all on those months.

He worked day and night, hired a few virtual assistants to help him with some needed tasks that he wanted to do, and few months later he enjoyed traveling while having a full time online income.

After deconstructing his success the only part I understood from all of our conversation was that he worked like a mad men, he was doing all sort of research and ranking himself in some never before seen long tails which after few months prove to be winners.

At the time I wasn’t doing so much SEO, but I was writing my sales page, it was something that I had postponed for such a long time, but after seeing him making his best month ever, I had the inspiration to write it, I worked until 2am almost every day for around a month, and released my product full of downsells and upsells and everything in between.

It was my first success on the way to the $1000+ day, I kept at it, pushing it to the next level, spending lots of my time and my virtual assistants time on creating more value to our customers and helping people, we have one of the best customer support for a reason.

I launched my second product around 6 months later and again it was a huge hit, we finally grew our list so much that we could re-market them stuff, and 1 year later we finally had the breakthrough of the $1000 day.

The moment you break your limits, is a moment that you remember, after that we had another breakthrough and we made $2000 in our business, and I think that to date my biggest day was $4000 a day, and I’m still looking for the next best day.

It all comes to growing in the end, when we give value to our customers, and spend lots of our time (and our staff) on the same project, that’s when the magic happens.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it inspired you to have your first $1000 day!


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  • Sergio Félix

    Hey Tomer, I remember plenty of marketers saying that “once you know how to make your first dollar online, then the sky’s the limit” and you’re proving it here with your first $1K day and then your massive $4K day as well.

    Congratulations on both achievements and wish you all the best on your marketing journey.

    PS. Very cool blog man, truly enjoying it. ;-)

    • Tomer Algrably

      Thanks a lot @ITSergioFelix:disqus, it’s kinda hard to keep a blog up to date but I’m doing my best;)