What Is Your Main Focus in 2015?

I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and that’s why it took me so long to write it down, but I realized what I’m going to be focusing on 2015…

It all started with un-focused approach, as always I wanted to open as many businesses as I could, and while it can be done successfully, I’m sure that it will be much better to get lazer focused on one goal first.

So how does setting goals work anyways?

Everyone recommend to go about it differently, some say it’s good to set long term goals for the next 10 years, then dive down to the 5 years level, down to the 2 years, 1 and then 3 months depth.

I personally find the 10 years goal to be really far fetch, so I don’t focus on that time-frame, for me it’s all about what I’m going to accomplish this year, and in 2015 I’m going to finally put those goals out to the public to see so I could be fully accountable for it.41EXImmHbBL._SY355_

Another timeframe I focus on is the quarterly goals, monthly, and all the way down to the daily planning, each day I am writing smaller steps I need to take in order to achieve my monthly goals, then it goes to achieving my quarterly goals and in the end of course it’s all goes down to the yearly ones.

I write down all of my goals on a planner, kinda like this:

I believe that writing your goals on paper makes you remember them better than when you write them down on your computer, I’ve read somewhere that more neurons on your brain are being fired since the amount of movements in your hand is bigger when you hold a pen, I’m not sure if it’s the truth, but I find it more “classy” to write it all down on paper.


Here is my main focus for 2015:

1. I help 50 people make money on the internet.
And this is a big one, I have helped many people in the past but never set any goal on how many will I free from their day job, if you want to see how I can help you please feel free to visit this page and ask for a no-cost consultation with me.

2. I get in the best shape of my life.
I’ve got exact measurements in mind, which I won’t share in my blog, but this one is important for me because I’m a health “freak” and I always want to improve myself.

3. I hold 3 live conferences about internet marketing.
I want to do this because it’s a good way to communicate with people, face to face.

4. I have lots of fun.
I’ve got surfing(waves!) on my mind, rock climbing, and other cool stuff that I’m going to do this year, also a pending trip to Hong Kong and other cool stuff.

5. I Invest my capital wisely.
It’s one thing to build a nice net worth, but a whole different game to make it grow, after reading Tony Robbins’s “Money – Master The Game” book, it got me inspired to get back to investing in the stock market.

That’s it, not so many goals, because I believe that you should be lazer focused as I mentioned before…
I think that the mot important goal here is goal #1, to help 50 people, I saw how having an online businesses have helped my sister and I’m moved by it, she no longer need to commute to a work she don’t like, and she is generally happy every day, I have freed myself from my boss long time ago so I don’t really remember and appreciate it as much as she does, so recently I noticed how happy she is and I’m grateful and want to help others do that same.

May you have the best year of your life!
And feel free to leave a comment with your yearly goals.

Best regards.

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  • nir

    Great post Tomer – I think setting up goals is one of the most important things when building online business.
    I also set yearly goals rather then 10 years and set up both personal goals and business goals.

    • http://tomerep.com/blog/ Tomer Algrably

      Hey Nir, do you mind share your goals with us? I’m intrigued to know what are they;)